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Two players fight against each other with cannons placed in a windy mountainous landscape. To hit the other they change the powder and angle of the cannons. A duel is finished if one of the cannons is totally destroyed.

BattleDuel is a game that was originally developed for the Amiga computer system. In the year 2006 a Java port of the game was released. This allowed the game to be played on a number of additional computer systems (like PCs, Macs, etc.).

It was developed by Michael David, Marco Seine and me. Michael did all of the graphics, while Marco created all sound effects and the music. My task was to take all these ingredients and to put them together to create a nice game.

The game got some very good reviews in magazines and working on it was much fun!

Check out the history for important dates.

You can download the game from the download page. Please check out the screenshot page.