ADOM is now available on Steam

After many years of hard work, ADOM is finally available on Steam:

Thanks to the ADOM community for supporting us along this long road, remaining patient and believing in us. We are eternally grateful for the many friends, wonderful discussions and inspiring ideas we met along the way. Now go playing ADOM on Steam and spread the news everywhere!


1. Can I change the font size on the OSX version of ADOM?

2. Where are the save files stored on OSX?

1. Can I change the font size on the OSX version of ADOM?

Yes, you can change both the font name and font size. Open the "terminal" application and enter the following line into the window:

open -a TextEdit


The most recent ADOM versions can be found on the new website

Download older ADOM versions from the links below:


ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) is a project of Thomas Biskup. He developed a portable roguelike game that has become very popular. Check out the ADOM homepage for more information.

I created the Amiga, Mac OSX, Windows and BeOS ports of the game.

You can download the game from the download page.

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